How to repair leather furniture?

The luxurious feeling of sinking into a soft leather sofa or Chair or is without compare, so when your favorite furniture is damaged, do not rush to throw her out on the street. Repair leather furniture is quick and easy with the right tools. More often than not, then no one even notices that it once was. Read on to learn more.


1. make sure that your skin is the type that can be repaired at home. Ninety percent of the furniture is made of coated or protected leather, which, fortunately, can be easily restored using materials at hand. This skin has a different colour and appearance, has a grainy structure, its hard to scratch and if it hits the water, the skin does not change color.

2. clean and prepare surfaces damaged skin properly before beginning the recovery. Remove all dust from the surface and wipe a rag moistened in water with a few drops of detergent. Then wipe the furniture with clean water to remove all SOAP residue and let it dry completely. Finish training, wiping furniture alcoholic solution to remove any remaining residues.

3. distribute the means to cover the entire affected area. Dip your finger in water and smooth surface means as best you can. Allow the coating to dry naturally or use a hair dryer for faster drying. Make sure that the dryer is in slow mode, and you keep it far enough away from furniture to avoid cracks in the connection.

4. wipe the dried mixture of alcohol or sandpaper if necessary. Alcohol wipe in no more than 2 times, otherwise it will simply remove the mixture from the field. Again let to dry up and blow off any remaining particles from the sandpaper.

5. apply colour coating or special protective layer, which must be in your repair kit. The first coat should be very thin and not the whole lot. These layers must cover the entire repair area, the color will become more intense with each layer. Make sure that the layers thin enough and let them dry thoroughly between application.

6. use the air conditioner for the skin on the repaired area. Do not use cleaners with ammonia as this may damage the color and coating. Allow the conditioner to dry your furniture, which won a new lease on life.

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