Teen bedroom - a room for the grown child

Everything is changing. Changing conditions of life, mood, place of work - all of these changes require not only the internal settings and environmental changes. We adults often use one trouble-free way - change your life with the repair or rearrangements of furniture in the apartment. It has long been proven that the best way to get new experiences and cheapest - moving furniture in the apartment. It is we, the adults. And what about our children. They event is much more - a vacation, a new school year, new school, new friends. All these events can change the mood, and the range of interests of your child. And the best way to set up a child a positive way - is the change in its environment. There is one more thing - the child should like to be at home. What do you need? Need a room or a bedroom for a teenager, which would set him up a positive way. You tell me that if the baby goth, the bedroom, made in the Gothic style, positive not add. But it is you, and for the young goth skull posters cemeteries - is the most that neither is on the positive. But this is a joke.

So, a bedroom for a teenager. Main elements and materials that create interior style:

Bed or sleeping place. This may be a sofa and ottoman or sofa and couch, and a Japanese-style mattress goes.

Table - where we are without him. By the way, it is quite possible to combine with the computer desk. And cheaper and require less space.

Chairs, stools and benches - friends, and you do have to, somewhere to sit. After all, the sofa or bed is an area of your child and it is not always like that somebody invades her.

Textiles - curtains, carpets, rugs, bedspreads. Little things, but they are important and play an important role in creating the style of the room.

Wardrobe, shelving for books, CDs, books and sundries.

Paint, wallpaper, paintings - there is immediately prepared for the fact that the room will be pasted posters, photos - you may not like it at all, but considering the interest of teenagers, you can create such an interior teenage bedroom, where new design elements introduced by by the child will match the overall style of the room.

Most importantly, conceiving interior bedroom for a teenager, do not forget about his wishes. They need to be taken into account, but of course without fanaticism. And then it can turn into a room or boudoir demi-monde or part nightclub, and even in the decorative elements of a horror movie.

Now about the style of the room. Keep in mind that kids are almost always part of the social groups. This may be the Goths, and rappers, punk or metal, and emo or anarchists. Yes, a lot more things. Even if your child does not belong to any of the above groups, it is still his interests and tastes meet some youth stream having common features, including a stylistic preferences.

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